Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the real world

Meanwhile back in the real world. (These days I tend to regard the world of CQC, DLA, Care Commissioners, etc. as a separate Alice Through the Looking Glass world - unfortunately despite it's surreal nature, it has a real impact on our lives)

Our son is quite good at present. The Oxygen saga has reared its head again - error on prescription means the engineer has limited his concentrator to minimal, but we're hoping to sort that out on Monday, meanwhile bottles will have to suffice. His chest seems OK at present, the high winds still precipitate his asthma, but the PEP mask therapy seems to be quite 'productive' in both senses - it seems to be working as a therapy and it appears to be clearing gunk from his peripheral air sacs, particularly the one prone to consolidation. It's also a lot less intrusive than 'beating'.

Fits are about average. He had a urine infection earlier in the week but the antibiotics seem to be clearing it up.

Getting support for the Mobility Allowance issue - daughter being particularly helpful in a very practical way - thank you.

Life this side of the Looking Glass on a relatively even keel - but I don't think the glass is shatterproof.


  1. I am pleased to hear that your son is quite good at present - but sorry to hear that the oxygen saga has reared its head again.

    I share your views about the CQC - although it does not affect my personal life - just my workplace. Bring back the days of the JIU and perhaps even CSCI, as they were at least friendly and tried to work in partnership. CQC is bogged down in paperwork and its own self importance.

    I too am concerned about possible changes in DLA. What is to happen? For four years after my hubby retired through ill-health - pressures were put on him to return to work! If you knew his diagnosis - you would find these attempts to return him to the workplace hard to believe! Four years of letter writing eventually called a halt. I fear this might happen again and possible resulting medical assessments - no, I wont even consider this and wont let it happen!

    Pleased to hear that you are getting support re the Mobility Allowance issue and respect to your daughter!

    Always thinking of you!

    Anna :o]

  2. I feel a little odd sometimes responding. It's good to hear we're not alone, caring can get very isolating. But obviously not good that other people also have problems. Thanks for the support - appreciated.

    Still waiting - over a week later for a response from CQC. It could be they're taking it seriously .... or it could just be half term.