Sunday, July 24, 2011

Somewhere in a parrallel universe

Attended a 'Visioning event' put on by Social Services supposedly about what sort of service people with a learning disability would have in the future. All very pink and fluffy - until we started talking about what had been left out of the presentations. There had been no mention of the cuts at all, the effect these would have on existing care or the rising numbers of people with complex care needs. The few actual carers at the event (as usual 90% of the invitees were professionals - no detriment intended to the individuals other than the numbers balance) did manage to shoehorn these issues onto the agenda.

This is a Social Services authority that is making massive cuts over the next x3 years, increasing charges for services, reducing who it provides services to and has called all its learning disability care packages in for review to reduce their costs, and is facing a judicial review of the legality of both its cuts and its 'consultation' process.

A depressing session for it's lack of relevance to the real world. The trouble is, I had to attend and lose a precious half day (unlike the professionals, we don't get paid to be there) or there might have been something significant slipped through. As it was, if we hadn't spoken up the thing would have not even considered the 'elephants in the room'.

I left angry and stressed. I really don't need this sort of 'consultation' - if I'm going to be 'consulted', at least let it be about reality.