Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Politicians doing what they promised

Politicians doing what they promised is rare - and not always good.

In Lancashire, last year, the County Council decided to cut services drastically over the next x3 years. They did last year (year 1) and now say they will carry on exactly as promised this year (year 2) to make even more and deeper cuts - but it's what they agreed last year, so no need for discussion.

This despite their having made, by their own publicity, more 'savings' than expected and having had a £50m windfall payback from the Landsbanki debacle. They justified their cuts last year by saying they were not set in stone and would keep them under review - there is no evidence of any review process, though we know of many actual cuts causing real distress. If major sources of unexpected income don't warrant any review, I'm not sure what would.

This council wants to cut services. It sees vulnerable people only as a drain on its resources, not an opportunity to be humane. Some people up here think councils should be a service, not a business. We are not customers, we're people.

The council is obviously Conservative, but I see little evidence of Labour objecting in any strong terms - their strategy seems to be 'let them do the nasty cuts and we'll be able to blame them when it all gets so bad we get back in power'. We are not voters, we're people.

I hate having my personality 'bacon sliced' into being a voter, a customer, a service user, a carer etc. etc. I'm a person and I'm bigger than any of these things. And sometimes I'm vulnerable and need help.

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