Thursday, March 15, 2012

Take care - it's about the money

So the changes being brought in by the new health bill will save the NHS and save it money - hmmm .....

Meanwhile Devon is putting it's services out to tender now (even though the bill hasn't been passed) and two of the tenderers are private companies. One, Serco, already has a record of putting people at risk locally - in Cornwall. A child is reported as dying when it's on call service suggested putting him to bed rather than sending a doctor. The other, Virgin Care, is already in a legal dispute with the NHS in Yorkshire. Apparently it feels an NHS organization underbid it - pardon me, I thought that was what this was all about. And if it's care service is anything like it's train service was after it took over the main national north west route, I'd be pretty worried.

Devon is not alone in having jumped the gun implementing the governments health changes before this bill becomes law. It's a visibly and extremely unpopular bill - with doctors, health professionals and patients - only the politicians seem to like it. In their manifesto the Conservatives had no mandate for this bill. What they actually said about the NHS before the election was that they wouldn't interfere by making big changes as there was a need for consolidation. But of course money is far more important to them than care.

If my son were still alive and one of these companies were taking over his service, I'd be very, very worried. For me care is much more important than money. On behalf of the people who need the NHS, I am very, very worried.

It's not 'their' NHS to sell off - it's ours.


  1. I admit I despair less about the fact it's going through and more about the fact the English public just sighs, shakes its head and pours a cup of tea. Very placid people, the English. Which means this sort of thing can happen long before the bills even are passed as the government is well aware the bills are just a formal gesture...and people won't rise up and fight it.

    So maybe, in a grim way, we deserve what we we can't be bothered to fight back.

    Again, I despair.

  2. Very worrying indeed Ned and you are correct in that it is OUR NHS.

    Please if you haven't already, sign the 38 Degrees Petition


    Anna :o]

  3. Petition signed - thanks.
    The NHS isn't perfect but it's got to be better than things like private medicine e.g. America. I know we'de not have been able to afford our own son's care under that system. he's have suffered more, lived a poorer quality life and we'd be bankrupt in our retirement.
    Even if the bill goes through we still need to fight it's implementation.