Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't go back to the future

Parts of the past were truly horrible places.  Parts of the future could also be pretty nasty if some extreme politicians standing for office in this country get their way.  I had hoped that no one would even think that enforced abortion for foetuses with disabilities to prevent them "being a burden on the state and families" was a possibility these days - apparently not.  Even UKIP has had to disown Geoffry Cllark in Kent for his "abhorrent" views.

These views have been put before - in Germany, by a party led by a Mr. A. Hitler, some time ago.  The phrases used then were 'useless eaters' and 'life unfit for life'.  The T4 programme sent many people with a learning disability to their deaths following a law passed on 14th July 1933 enforcing compulsory sterilization, even before the mass exterminations of Jews and Roma.  Modern Germans would not consider this - we shouldn't either.

This should not even be up for discussion.  I don't advocate press censorship - simply humanity.  And I'll give it no more space than this.

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