Friday, January 25, 2013

For Winterbourne View read Munroe House

Winterbourne View, the home exposed by Panorama last year, was owned by Castlebeck.  The individuals abusing the residents were found guilty and went to prison.  So that's all right then, isn't it?  Well no it isn't.  Their main defence put up by the individual's  lawyers was "the Castlebeck way" of doing things - the organizations culture.  But Castlebeck has been sold to a set of banks (and we really trust them don't we?) and entrepreneurs, who've put in a 'turnaround specialist'.  So that should be all right shouldn't it?  Well no, not if the latest allegations are true.

Castlebeck also own a 'hospital' called Munroe House in Dundee, where 5 staff have just been suspended, the police are investigating complaints and the local MPs are starting to ask for a full inquiry.  Does it remind you of anything?

How many chances should a set up like Castlebeck get to do the right thing?  CQC (and it's Scottish equivalent) have let it carry on because closing it would generate too big a 'gap' in the 'market'.  What about the residents?  For me the solution should be to shut Castlebeck down, put in a different, emergency management at public expense and start finding better living solutions for the people warehoused in these so called hospitals.

I know it would be disruptive to the establishment (at Munroe House, at Castlebeck and at the NHS/Social Services/CQC).  I know it would be expensive at a time of cuts.  And I really don't care about those things.  The only important thing now is the quality of life of the people involved - and that's been ignored for too long.


  1. yes your are totally correct, my thoughts exactly
    people who CARE should be carers/nurses/doctors Not the people who are Me Me ME !!!

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