Friday, October 9, 2015

Stopping people living

Continuing cuts and distress of friends as a result is forcing me back onto blogging.  So this government wants local authorities to work smarter to save money.  So it insists that all Blue Badge renewals are now done online - so how does an 89 year old renew the Blue Badge that allows her transport to park close to the hospital door when she needs her next blood transfusion (a frequent event in her life.)?

Well, she gets her children or grandchildren to do it for her.  And they have the monstrous paperwork to cope with while she has to go through the demeaning and depressing process of spelling out exactly how disabled she is and everything she can't do any more to the people she doesn't want to say these things to - complete strangers or close relatives.  And she will have to do this every time it needs renewing.

And people are surprised the take up rate for this and other disability benefits, by people eminently eligible, is so low.  (Please don't get me started on the oxygen thieving wankers who fraudulently use Blue Badges just so they can park next to the cash machine.)

The disabled without children or advocates give up - many with children, find it so hard they don't re-apply.  And yes this saves money - because disabled people are deprived of a life.

This isn't working smarter, it's taking life out of people who want to live to save a few pennies.

This is what austerity means in practice and I for one didn't give anyone a mandate to do it.

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