Wednesday, May 19, 2010

String, paint and bicycle chains

We've just redecorated our bedroom - so what's that got to do with complex care? Well quite a bit actually. It was last done in 1997. OK, so I'm pretty good at avoiding DIY when I want to, but not really that good. The fact is our lift (a very old but good 'Terry' lift that is manually operated using a long bicycle chain and lots of very strong string - really.) comes through our bedroom so we can only decorate when he isn't there for long enough to get the job done - and that's how long it's been. The last time we decorated was when he stayed at a children's hospice for a week. Caring really does get in the way sometimes. On the plus side, I might get away with another 13 years!

P.S. Social Services bought us the lift about 20 years ago - they own the machinery, we own the hole. They'd like us to replace it with an electric one but we actually like it. It's very eco-friendly, using hand power, it even works during power cuts and there's very little to go wrong with it. Sadly they don't make them any more but we've got very attached to ours. It's a very simple platform that's counterbalanced by lead weights in two supporting pillars, and operates on the same principle as a sash window. I suspect Health & Safety would turn blue, yellow and green with purple spots if we wanted one nowadays but it works and does the job. Not everything has to be expensive or complicated, though I suspect the original Ned Ludd might still have disapproved.

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  1. Update to this - the 13 years actually turns out to be 19 years. I must be better at avoiding DIY than I thought.