Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not broken, just crap

Minor panic last night from nurses. His feed pump had been running all day showing the right amounts given - except, when they opened the pack up in the evening, no actual feed had gone through. He hadn't had any feed all day. The pump is supposed to alarm if nothing is going through - but it didn't, it just said it was pumping. Nurses tried to identify problem but in the end my wife had to go over there to sort it out. It took her a few minutes to find the problem - a kink in the tubing before it got to the pump. To be fair to the nurses, they should have been able to rely on the machine to warn them. The only reason my wife sorted it out so quickly is because it has done the same thing to us before - it isn't meant to. N.B. This machine isn't broken - it's just very poorly designed.

We've put in 'yellow forms' about this before but are still stuck using crap hardware. Net results are that my son went a full day hungry and couldn't tell us, the nurses felt guilty they'd let him down (they hadn't), and we missed a planned evening out.

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