Friday, April 30, 2010

More mending

Meanwhile, back on the equipment front ....

The suction machine is still not back mended, and now it's Bank Holiday, so no prospect of getting it back until Tuesday now - it's a good job we didn't throw our the old, obsolete one we had. This is life critical equipment but they'll get around to it when they're ready.

Less life critical, but still extremely important for quality of life, .... his sling (that is used to hoist him in and out of his wheelchair/bed etc.) has developed a small hole. It isn't going to tear apart but it needs rectifying, so we sent it off. But it's just over a year old so out of warranty - so manufacturers won't fix it - and won't send it back as it's officially faulty. So we have only one sling, and if his sheath leaks we do what? Hoist him in a wet sling? Leave him in bed all the time? Fortunately we have a good OT (Occupational Therapist) for this (different from his wheelchair OT) and she's organised a visit from a manufacturers rep on Tuesday. There are some good people out there willing to pull the stops out when needed.

The good experience with the sling doesn't make the suction machine lack of action acceptable.

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