Friday, April 30, 2010

Care - ful

I worry about my son as you'll have seen from the other posts. But I also worry about my daughter (I know she reads this, so S. stop now if you want.) .... probably more. I still have all the worries the father of a 'normal' child has about his children, but when you have a disabled one, the concern for the 'normal' (in this case fairly extraordinary one, who we are inordinately proud of) is sort of magnified. It isn't that we're less concerned about my disabled son, it's more that we're aware we aren't giving her as much attention because she's more independent and less demanding. She deserves as much but inevitably gets less than half and it isn't fair. Disability affects more than just the disabled, it cheats the siblings and makes parents feel guilty. I don't have any answers to this and I've had over 25 years of looking - I just do what I can. (S. If you did read all this, apologies for embarrassing you.)

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