Friday, April 23, 2010

National Commissioning Conference

I've just come across the upcoming 'National Commissioning Conference 10' from a link on the Guardians website. I don't think I'm invited. Lots of high profile speakers, accountants, Social Service commissioners, providers etc. No client or carer groups at all that I recognise and at a minimum price over £400, so lots of scope for consultation and involvement improvement there then. I think my perspective is likely to be lost on this audience. I wouldn't dare say it's the blind leading the blind, but I might comment along the lines of the vested interests leading the vested interests. Mind you, it could be really good target for a disgruntled carer to put on his list of targets - carers can have targets as well as departments, though ours are more likely to involve eggs than service cuts.

I make no apology for the bitterness in this rant.

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