Friday, April 9, 2010

Musings on hospitals and packages

Just been on a viral leafletting expedition leaving job adverts for nurses in places they might actually see them - I have to be circumspect about this - see previous posts. It felt quite strange going into hospitals on my own knowing I wasn't visiting my son, there for an appointment with him, collecting his equipment/drugs etc. I could do things at my own speed and not have to sit around in waiting rooms for hours. Odd how a familiar place takes on a different perspective when you're there for an unusual purpose.

Meanwhile, back at the care package negotiating table, we've decided to try and get CQC to meet us and thrash out the problem of re-registration forcing a deterioration of our care package. It's quite worrying how in awe of CQC people seem to be - to the extent that you can see the tone of fearful deference entering the conversation when people talk about them. I know they often hold the biggest stick possible to beat recalitrent providers over the head with, but in the end they are are just another public servant manned by human beings, so have a responsibility to be approachable. I suspect they are, so I've asked for a meeting - maybe they're reasonable as well as human(?) I'm very conscious that I'm in a priveliged position as a carer in things like this. I'm allowed to be stroppy where a service provider isn't - it's an odd role reversal for once.

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