Monday, April 19, 2010

All God's children apparently still don't have shoes

So, we went to the hospital (had to put in a formal complaint to get the uppers back from Lithuania!) and the uppers were ready! And we were told its easy now, another week and the soles will be fitted and he'll have a pair of shoes ........ So, it's now over a fortnight later and, not only no shoes, they still don't know when they will be ready - apparently the factory doesn't work on Fridays and someone has been off on holiday. Net result - no shoes. Better re-activate the formal complaint. So being disabled means you have to live in inappropriate footwear and being a carer means you have to shout at people until they threaten to cut you off for discourtesy. I am a reasonable person really - all I want is a pair of shoes for my son. Everybody else can go to a shop and buy them that day. If they aren't going to be ready as promised, at least someone could have told me .... again.

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