Friday, April 23, 2010

Good news, bad news

The good news is - there are two bits of good news.
The long promised shoes have actually arrived. My son, after 9 months, has a pair of shoes that don't further damage his feet, complete with soles, all the way from Sheffield via Lithuania. I'd like to drink champagne from them but don't dare do anything that might damage them.
Also, we've had a reply from CQC to say they've spoken to the member of staff who agreed his care package originally and although he doesn't fit the tick boxes, we can carry on with the package that works. Didn't need a meeting and they did listen - there are human beings out there.

The bad news is that the suction machine is still broken. Loan Store eventually sent a replacement for the obviously broken bit - at the third attempt, but didn't check the machine actually worked. It doesn't. There's obviously a more deep seated problem so back to the telephone again.

So, life in aggregate, is just a little less complicated than it was this morning.

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