Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From meetings to checklists

Lots of meetings. Care package reviews (cutting rooms), Learning Disability(so called) Partnership Boards, MP's surgery (most sympathetic so far - but out of government - confirms that Mobility Allowance cut is now law), etc. etc. Meanwhile the 'review assessment' plods on (honest it's not about cuts, we're just assessing his needs - it's just a coincidence that Social Services have just announced 26% cuts to adult care). Lots of health and Social Work time devoted to assessment and 'observation', none to actual social work or his care.

I'm getting beyond cynical about these cuts - I know it is affecting everyone but the sheer amount of effort going into it makes it feel like persecution. Anyone would think we were bankers the way we're made to feel guilty for needing care/support.

On top of this, his main care provider seems to be retreating into a 'doing everything by the book' bunker. Person centered is giving way to standardisation on all fronts - how he gets his spending money dispensed, how his emergency medicines are organised, etc.. And none of this is for his benefit - it's all so that they can prove they do it the same way for everyone, whether it works for him or not. I can only think they are terrified of CQC or the commissioning authority finding something that doesn't fit their checklist.

This isn't progress - it's degeneration. Paperwork has become more critical than care, checklists have replaced humanity. Being seen to do things is more important than doing them and it's for the benefit of the 'care police' not the person with a disability any more.

This rant will almost certainly continue - things don't look like getting better any time soon.

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