Sunday, December 19, 2010

(S)no(w) place like home

Like everyone else up here, we're up to our eyes(well ankles at least) in snow. For most people this is a either a bit of fun or a substantial inconvenience. It's a little different for us. The logistics get interesting. Not all the nurses can get in for their shifts and our own house is only accessible by foot (had to leave the car at the main road a mile away.) Fortunately, our son was at his other address when the heavy stuff fell - it's rather more accessible than here - and the nurses have pulled the stops out by swapping shifts so they work a 'double shift', minimizing how much they have to travel to work. So far it's working OK - we're just hoping the roads clear enough for us to get him home in a day or so as he'll be without nurses then. It's not all bad - our daughter is home for Christmas and we have built a snowman - why should the kids have all the fun?

Despite all the toing and froing of late with his service provider, we have to accept that they've gone the extra mile in these conditions - literally, with one of the senior staff collecting nurses in their 4x4 for shifts when their own cars had been abandoned. Thank you. This could have been yet another trauma and stress inducer, but they've prevented that. Meanwhile, our son's having a chill out indoors with extra lie ins and DVDs. Christmas is usually a difficult time for us with chest infections, disrupted transport and missing nurse shifts.

Maybe this year will be better - don't want to speak too soon - we had to take him into hospital at 5a.m. Christmas morning a few years ago (fits/asthma/chest infection).

Merry Christmas - have a drink for us and enjoy.

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