Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not on holiday after all

So, all togged up and ready for first major expedition of his 'holiday' week (or so). But he decides otherwise - two major fits (even for him) and some low oxygen saturations put paid to that. So we'll go another day. He's slept most of the day anyway, so wouldn't have got much out of it.

It took quite a lot of organizing - we had to take our own hoist etc. and two vehicles, one for him in wheelchair and the other for his equipment. As it turned out, all we did was pack it, take it over to him and come back to unpack it. At least we didn't spend the (very expensive) fee for the specialist activity help but I had to explain at length why we had to cancel at short notice. They were very understanding and we will be going back.

You become quite a gourmet for humble pie being a carer - I don't particularly enjoy it but it's often the main course.


  1. It's always a bit bemusing when I'm offered holidays by a charity - the thing about holidays is it's not really a holiday, it's just a change of scenery.

    Hope things improve, the fits sound worrying!

  2. Fits for him are normal, these were just bigger and worse than normal.
    We stopped regarding 'holidays' as a break some time ago - they're more like moving your place of work to a less convenient location and paying for the privilege.
    Charity's a hard one - people who give mean well and I'm grateful, but it's not comfortable receiving charity. Sometimes it's harder than giving.