Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A sort of holiday

This is the week we've designated for our son's 'holiday' to start.

The CQC registration rule changes mean he can't go on holiday as his nurses aren't allowed to work 'off base' (we're working on this one) so we've decided to have a couple of weeks where we concentrate on taking him out for extra special exciting events. We've got one today, one tomorrow and one Friday planned - all short notice cancellable due to health - and wakefulness - and his coping with the extra activity.

It makes life a bit complicated, having to fit things around hospital etc. appointments but the biggest problem is the danger of him not getting a 'break' because he has so many other commitments (mainly sitting around in hospital waiting rooms or attending meetings about his care).

He's gone a week or two now without antibiotics and, touch wood, his chest still seems OK. The hay fever is sparking his asthma off but he's generally in better condition than he was.

It's going to be a bit hectic with all this activity and organizing, plus his normal appointments and helping our daughter out (who more than deserves our time as well), so apologies if I don't post as often as I'd like. At least his review seems to have stayed quiet - I'll have to kick it into life again once the rush eases.

It wasn't until we had our son, that I realized how quickly life can accelerate on you - it's a bit like being on a treadmill, but with gears.

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