Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shoes and nursing

So, my son needs new shoes. But he needs special ones, we've been trying to get them made for at least two years now. He has three pairs - sandals, not ideal in winter, one pair that damage his toes so he doesn't use them and one pair that are two inches too long. So he has to wear them or his slippers. His new ones have been measured three times and arrived wrong each time, the current attempt is being made for the NHS (National Health Service) in Lithuania and won't be back in Sheffield (why Sheffield it's 80 miles away?) for another 2 weeks. Maybe they'll fit this time?

He has a care package but we've just been told the registration doesn't allow the nurses to work at our house - so major meeting next week to iron out what to do. He comes home if he's ill to keep him out of hospital - so just when he needs nurses, he can't have them. Oh, and if he comes home that also means we have to do the waking nights as well as days - he has fits and needs his airways cleared at night as well as during the day. So much for sleep next month.

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