Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bit of a worry

4:45a.m. phone call. Adrenalin wake up. It's OK, but he's started fitting quite a bit and new nurse on first lone night shift, so wife goes over to support. Glad she rang - rather a broken night than a fits out of control or a nurse who isn't happy with his care.

So, wife goes over there and I get to stay here sweating (one parent is support, two is pressure.). I know she has the harder job but it's still hard waiting to hear he's settled - or not. No point sleeping now - not that I'd be able to.

I know he'll be OK, he's done this lots of times. It's just the not knowing doesn't get any easier. I should see this as an opportunity for 'spare time' but too hyped to do anything productive.

Sleep well it could be a good sunrise.

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