Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A set of disconnected questions -

We got a break last week - at our own expense and facilitated by our own efforts. First for a very long time. I seem to remember the LibDems had a policy of one weeks break for all carers - but it's all gone quiet now they're 'in power'. I don't suppose it's something they intend sticking to as it would seem to line up well with their best mates 'Big Society' drive .... or am I just being silly?

Anyone see the article on two disabled people who died after being left in a van for 20 hours because their care home owner forgot about them (in Spain.)? Grauniad article at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/sep/21/spain-pensioners-death-madrid Of course it couldn't happen here .... and people with a learning disability couldn't die of neglect in hospital (see Mencap report), or be driven to suicide by antisocial neighbours (see any newspaper in last few months) .... or could it?

Am I alone in feeling that we're being set up for a major kicking? The cuts haven't hit yet, but we keep being told they're coming. It feels very like, not only are they going to be bad, and aimed at the most vulnerable (bankers have the resources to fight back) but they want to be able to say 'Well we told you they were coming.' Warning someone you're going to kick them, doesn't justify the kick .... or in this surreal world, maybe it does?

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