Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Megaphone diplomacy

I have to say something about the 'coming cuts'. They worry the hell out of me. And the only thing I can do about them is refuse to accept that they are inevitable.

People with disabilities and their carers certainly aren't to blame - they haven't enough money to indulge in risky investments, property speculation or spend beyond their means (they were too poor to be lent money anyway.) Yet somehow the likes of Mr Diamond at Barclays, gets a new job with £11m.
OK, so life's not fair.

But spending money on care and people with disabilities should help us out of the recession. Carers, paid or unpaid, have such low incomes that any money they do gets spent directly on necessities - and so provides employment for others making, distributing and selling basic goods. It doesn't get frittered away into sub prime loans, hedge funds and dubious stock futures. And it's not like we're asking for more, just don't take away the little we have. (And we should get much of the money back when the government sells the banks off again.)
OK, so life's not rational.

But if something is unfair and daft - somebody, somewhere has to say so.

These cuts are unfair and daft.

Anybody got a megaphone?

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