Thursday, October 4, 2012

It may be inhumane but it isn't news anymore

I don't intend to comment much on this Guardian report of a lady with learning disabilities being classed as 'fit for work' by ATOS.  Suffice it to say, my view is that this is just another example of how unfit for purpose and discredited the new disability tests are and how incompetent and inhumane ATOS is at implementing them.  Unfortunately this is becoming standard practice rather than news.  I'll make my own noises to local politicians, suggest you do the same.


  1. The good news is this is starting to catch on. There was a point where none of this was being reported, and now it's everywhere. Granted, the BBC is still under the coalitions clutches and refuses to report it as much as it should be, but progress is being made. We're chipping away at the silence, and people are starting to get it. This is good!

    As an are you? I hope you're healing well.

  2. I dispair at this Ned - but it doesn't suprise me.

    The media do appear to be opening their eyes - but for how long? Hope the above comment is correct and the world is stirring and beginning to take notice.

    Anna :o]

  3. Thanks for thinking of us. Though we have it easier than you now - it's very odd, life is a lot less hard and stressful but there's a big gap that I don't think will ever fill. Still miss him.

    I think you're both right about the press catching on - it's up to us to keep them alive to it.

  4. The Media may be catching on to the idea that this is a scandal - but how many bewildered people are still being required to turn up at the job centre or lose their benefits? The misery and fear this must be causing just doesn't bear thinking about.

    As far as I can see, the system doesn't allow for common sense to prevail. Forms get ticked, wheels turn, appeals are successful - and then it is repeated. Maybe if enough scandals make it into the press some caution will begin to taken - for fear of bad publicity not compassion - but it won't happen fast.