Monday, October 29, 2012

Making the case for complex care

An interesting piece of research just published about what works for people with complex care needs. It makes what may be the obvious points - that person centered plans work, multidiciplinary teams and intensive interaction are vital, that continuity of social workers involvement etc. is needed, that transition from childrens to adult services is complicated.  These may seem obvious to those of us who've lived the system, but no matter how much lip service commissioners etc. pay to the value of these things, they're exactly the things that aren't there.

The value of this research is that it makes respectable, something we all know - we now have something we can quote back at commissioners who only provide 'generic' social work, who won't put the resources in to provide intensive interaction, who see person centered planning as the first and easiest line of cuts.

I don't pretend it will solve the issues.  But like the 'Raising our Sights' report, it gives what we've been saying all along a 'respectable father' to quote.  We still have to make the case.  Hope you find it helpful.

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