Monday, October 29, 2012

Winterbourne View, take 2

So shunting people from one hospital warehouse where they are abused to another doesn't work. What a surprise - and what a tragedy for those people that the 'powers that be' thought it would.  Panorama's second take on what happened to the people abused at Winterbourne is being screened this week.  Look out for it.

My sympathies to the people and families who've been let down yet again.  This has to get better.  These are real people not an abstract issue.  Yes we need to stop it happening again to others - but we also need to make sure that these victims and their families get a good placement with a decent quality of life.  Where is CQC in this?  It should have been actively preventative of further abuse.  Reacting to another 'safeguarding alert' isn't enough.

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