Monday, June 7, 2010

Commissioning without care

Wearing its social heart prominently on its sleeve, the Guardian sponsors the National Commissioning Conference next week at the Lowry in Manchester (Tuesday/Wednesday). This is where all the well paid service commissioners get together to discuss how they are going to deal with us poor disabled people and their carers in these straightened credit crunch times - but they don't want to hear from us. The speakers list consists of accountants, academics, government department and a number of service providers (I imagine they're there looking for what little business will be left after the cuts). But not a service user, disability representative or carer in sight - and at over £400 a ticket, I don't think there'll be too many in the audience.

I've contacted them a couple of times (see previous post on this) to point this out but have been very politely told where the exit would be if I were to be there. You may wish to let the Grauniad know what you think of their actions on empowering the disenfranchised ... or you may just want to go to Manchester and shout at them. I may do that myself if the practicalities of caring doesn't stop me.

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