Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Electronic close down day

Some days the world seems to go wrong in oddly specific ways. Monday was the day for electronic equipment to pass over to that great soldering iron in the sky. First we got a call that my sons DVD player had stopped working - by the time we got there his CD player had stopped in sympathy - all very inconvenient but ultimately replaceable. More critically, his intercom monitor had developed an intermittent fault. As his nurses need this to keep an ear on him if they have to leave the room in case he fits, this is somewhat more critical. Fortunately, they managed to acquire a spare while I try to sort a replacement - Mr. BT is being very difficult to communicate with on this as he hasn't yet responded to my e-mail (probably in the hope I'll just buy another one). I may have to so it's still compatible with the others in the house, but I'll resent it if I don't get a sensible reply. The BT e-mail address and helpline appear to be discontinued(!) and their website is unhelpfully circular. Persistence (read bloody mindedness) will have to suffice again.

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