Friday, June 4, 2010

A sterile debate

The electronic plague has now spread to simpler but more life critical electrical equipment. We now have two airway suction machines with 'issues'. Both are being sorted out but it's taken time again. One of the problems has been going on for a couple of weeks but as nurses work shifts, the messages didn't get passed/acted on well enough to get someone out to resolve it - someone had to- that seems to mean us again. The other involved a nurse being a little overenthusiastic with the steriliser and using Milton on plastics it wasn't intended for - this made the plastic brittle and cracked it - so the wrong nurse (because she was on shift when the maker rang back) got shouted at inappropriately. Anyway, most of the ruffled feathers are being smoothed and at least the first nurse was using her initiative. The sterilising fluid has been removed. (I can live with mistakes as long as they are well intentioned, admitted to and rectified) I just hope it doesn't lead to yet another round of protocols, about how to wash plastics in soapy water - a quiet word is all that's really needed.

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