Friday, June 4, 2010

If you can find a better hole .....

I was just having a jolly time (not) down a deep, filthy, wet hole in the garden mending our water feature when we had an unexpected visit ..... from our son who was out with his day care service. They were having a new nurse shadowing his care so that he could cover for an emergency and thought it would be good to see his home environment. It was really nice to see him unexpectedly - it's always "he'll be back home at 4 when the shift ends" etc.. It really feels as though he is starting to grow up with his own life when he appears at the door unannounced.

Anyway he stayed for half an hour or so and we all had tea and a bit of unplanned contact time when we weren't his main carers - and it was really nice, in a very quiet sort of way. Then he went off back and left us to it. And I had to go back underground.

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