Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Normal - ish service will be resumed

Apologies for my absence. My wife had a sudden hospital admission, so along with shopping, meetings and other non essential activities (unlike caring, cooking, visiting hospital and housework), the blog had to stop for a while. Normal service probably never existed, so can't really expect its return any time soon. Anyway, she's now recuperating at home and supervising care services and domestic activities - it's at times like this I start to realise how little I actually contribute.

Meanwhile, our sons services sort of carry on. A nurse with one service calls in sick, so the other service picks up slack because the contingency plans are still not working. He missed a bit of his activity that day but got an unexpected lie in instead, otherwise he seems to have sailed through things reasonably - including a visit to his mum in hospital, which he slept through 80% of. Some care quality issues with an agency nurse (some are great, some not so great.)

This afternoon it looks like he's developing another chest infection, so back on the antibiotics. He's done really well lately, with a four/five week break since he last needed them. It may well explain why he's been having a few more longer fits at night that we were starting to get concerned about. The discomfort would have been enough to trigger them.

Anyway, back on the treadmill - need to find out why newly appointed nurses still not coming on stream - probably CRB checks.

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