Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not Valuing People

Just a heads up on a more than strong rumour.

If you have any involvement in the world of learning disabilities, you'll know that the Valuing People organisation was set up to oversee and ensure people with learning disabilities got good quality services and to promote best practice. It was the one 'official' champion that carers and people with learning disabilities could quote in the face of poor or reducing services. Their website has carried the 'this is under review' government cuts health warning for a while, but I understand that yesterday, staff at all levels, received redundancy notices.

The greedy bankers got us into this mess, it's going to be the suffering of people with disabilities that are forced to dig us out.


  1. Hi Ned,

    I am sorry to hear about the above. I don't know how long the site has been in operation - but it must be devastating to have it taken away. I have visited it and also the DH site which it redirects you to and there really is only scant information there.

    I think only people that walk in your shoes can realise your situation. I don't remember how I found your site Ned; it is probable that I reads someones blog list, went there and then read another and so on. I am glad I found you though.

    We are very new and probably only have a readership of two(!), but hopefully things will pick up. At any time, you are welcome to write a guest post.

    You have been on our blog list since day one! You must be heard!

    Love to you and yours.

    Anna G.

  2. Thanks for comment. Real worry isn't the website being limited, it's the possible sacking/closure of the one official unit that we could quote back at officialdom when services were poor. Still haven't been able to confirm whether rumour is accurate.