Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still falling - it's a long way down

We're at last getting to grips with sons chest infection. IVI (Intra venous infusion - a drip) antibiotics combined with steroids seem to be making some headway but recovery is very slow.

Meanwhile, nurses are dropping like flies. Some seem to have same flu like infection though not as bad obviously. Net result has been no cover so he's at home with us, sometimes with, sometimes without nurses. All very unpredictable and wearing. Needs a lot of care when like this - physio, suction, checking oxygen levels etc. on top of normal stuff. Oxygen saturations have been quite poor so using oxygen concentrator most of time at present. Sleeping a lot just now as seems exhausted with coughing, but at least it isn't a nasty green colour now.

A nurse we thought was still ill has recovered so we're going to get a decent sleep tonight (as long as he doesn't throw another 5a.m. 'wobbler'.) Everything else on hold.

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