Monday, August 2, 2010

Going with the (oxygen) flow.

It's been a heavy couple of weeks but it looks like we can see a bit of normality coming back. His chest has been two steps forward, one step back but he went quite a few hours off oxygen this evening without his oxygen saturation falling much and seems really alert just now. The consolidation on his lung seems to have cleared - the steroids have finished without a gastric bleed and his antibiotics finish tomorrow, so we'll be concentrating on physio to keep it that way. (His own physio is on holiday but still texted us from the beach to see how he was - we told him to get a life and a tan. He's a classic example of a brilliant, caring and dedicated professional making up for the deficiencies of a 'one size fits all' system.) Fits don't seem to have kicked in this time, thankfully.

Staffing also looks like it's starting to settle with people gradually coming back to work after various sicknesses. He's still at home with us but we're looking at possibility of going back to his own house in next few days if he stays well - assuming there are enough nurses to cover.

It's still a case of hoping the light we can see is the end of the tunnel - it could still be an oncoming train.

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