Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Big Issue

Daren't comment really, but son's chest may just be improving a bit. Antibiotics down to one - I think that's making him more comfortable. Intensive PEP mask (Positive End Pressure) physio and lots of 'rebound' therapy (specialist physio on trampoline) should stop it re-consolidating. He's certainly been less washed out today. Still too tired to do more than a couple of hours of anything but he did get out to see his friends today.

Apologies for not commenting on 'bigger' issues - I'm sure things are happening on the national policy front etc. but when things get like this, I'm afraid there is only one big issue for us - life will still be there when we come back to it, and if it's not we'll deal with it's absence then - or not. (I really didn't expect to get all metaphysical but the residual gray gunk that passes for a brain these days sometimes goes off on one itself.)

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