Friday, August 6, 2010

Not very happy campers

It's been a fairly torrid time over the last fortnight. Quite a severe chest infection and he's still on low level oxygen, but seems to be on the mend. We've had to nurse him ourselves at home, largely due to staff sickness meaning we didn't know whether the next shift would be covered or not. In some ways I don't mind us being the fall back - it keeps us close to his care and someone has to provide the continuity, but it would be nice not to have the continual uncertainty about how many shifts we were covering back to back. We get exhausted increasingly quickly these days and are finding we need more days to recover from what we could have done without too much trouble 10 years ago. Some of it's the physical strain of 'moving and handling', some of it's the nursing work needing concentration on medication and treatment but a significant part is simply having him there 24/7 with or without other professionals working in our home. There's no privacy and I begrude that. It isn't any fun camping out in your own home - but it is necessary.

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