Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life goes on

Apologies for absence - life sometimes takes over.

Son's chest infection appeared to be improving but reconsolidated when we changed antibiotics. Not back to square one but definitely didn't pass 'go' or collect £200. Back on the x2 stronger ones and looks like its helping - going by the muck coming up.
Meanwhile, had to take out a couple of days to help with major life changes/stresses for daughter 200 miles away. She's as important as he is and it feels bad giving him all the attention. She is incredibly self sufficient and deserves better.
Meanwhile again, storm in teacup about paperwork/admin. for a minor drug has blown up into a storm in a swimming pool, with much tears and stress it is now down to a storm in a large bucket - hopefully. 27 years of care experience counts for very little if the paperwork doesn't fit these days.

All this goes to prove that life does go on - it just isn't a lot of fun sometimes. (Oh, and on our first evening out for about a month, we won the pub quiz - so there must be a god somewhere, I'm glad he has the same sense of humour as me.)

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