Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beating his chest

Chest infection continues. Bit of a worry really as he still has some spots etc. that usually clear up with the antibiotics - doctor feels he's quite run down. Presumably infection main is viral and antibiotics are just breaking up any bacterial secondary infections. It's up to his immune system to clear the viral part. Physio helps clear gunk - particularly the stuff he gets on the trampoline a couple of times a week with ordinary and PEP (positive end pressure) mask in between.

The physio he's had has been a literal life saver as the recurrent chest infections would have taken over long ago had it not been for this progressive and intensive physio regime. Unfortunately none of it is provided by the NHS - the charitable service provider that does his day care employs a specialist physiotherapist full time for the people they deal with and it's pretty much down to him - we owe him a lot. When he took a well deserved holiday, all the NHS could provide was two basic sessions a week and they were unaware of PEP and unable to do the trampoline physio. The people were well meaning and good as far as they went but it worries me that the mainstream service is so poorly trained and overstretched these days.

Back to relying on charities - come back the workhouse, nothing is forgiven.

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