Sunday, February 13, 2011

A cold drop

Son's health not best at present. Cold and wind sets off his asthma and affects his chest. He's been fairly 'bubbly' last few days and is on a double length antibiotic course for chest, plus more oxygen than usual and low O2 saturations due to secretions etc. 'blocking off' parts of his lungs. It's not unusual for this time of year, and certainly not as bad as last winter, but a real worry all the same. He's going to need to pick up a bit if he's to come to County Hall with us for the budget cuts. Still he had a couple of good relaxed evenings with us earlier in the week and as long as we keep on top of his asthma things should settle again.

He's an amazingly good weather predictor - he usually spots a front coming over at least a day before the weather and winds really hit. Unfortunately the way he spots it is for his breathing to deteriorate - I'd rather it was just the barometer that dropped.

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