Monday, February 14, 2011

So much for democracy

I used to think that our democratic system was a bit flawed. I'm beginning to think I was wrong - it's very flawed. When you have an issue with what your council is doing, you're recommended to go to your local councilor.

I have an issue - our local council is cutting services to disabled people (including my son) massively. I've written to - my own councilor, my son's councilor, our designated 'Disability Champion' councilor and the cabinet member responsible for social services. None have replied, other than to tell me that they've referred the comment to the cabinet member.

The only reaction he's made to any of us representatives of people with learning disabilities (to a communication described as 'powerful' by a senior officer of the said council) was to say he'd had no reaction other than a few 'vexatious messages'.

I used to be a reasonable man, but I'm getting less reasonable by the day. Being ignored by elected representatives isn't nice - being insulted for having the temerity to disagree is unacceptable. I belong to no political party - maybe I'll have to to be heard, but bet your life it won't be the one treating us like this.


  1. Not sure I understand this - are you saying that said cabinet member is under the impression that NOBODY MINDS these cuts? We didn't need all those services anyway?

    What planet are these people on?

  2. I think it's more they don't want any services as it costs the ratepayer money (but I want my money to go on services) regardless of how this damages people. Eric Pickles thinks they're great.
    Cabinet member simply doesn't like anyone who has the temerity to disagree with him - so no response.

  3. My friend calls this "Go away and stop costing us money". I'm certainly feeling that, but I think the Guv'ment is really underestimating how angry people are getting. Revolutions are starting to sweep the world right now, and while the British are very stiff-upper-lip folk, anyone is a corner is going to fight, and fight hard.

  4. There were wheelchairs on the streets marching against the cuts in a chilly northern town near us on Saturday and there are likely to be more tomorrow when our County Council sets its cuts budget for the next three painful years. Our family will be among them. If we don't argue back, we're an easy target.