Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wheelchairs on the streets

Our own son's care 'reassessment' continues. Cuts will be to his transport, day care and nursing cover. Haven't gone through yet and we're still fighting to minimize impact on his quality of life but it's clear this is an attempt to cut costs. The only thing holding it up is the lack of staff at the PCT (Primary Care Trust) to carry out his health assessment - the one qualified person who knew him well enough has been made redundant.

Meanwhile our beloved (not!) County Council continues with its cuts. It's already started closing respite facilities for children with severe learning disabilities and approves it's budget for major cuts to Adult and Children's Social Care on Thursday. Went to a local rally generally against the cuts on Saturday - the learning disability contingent was over 20 strong, learning disabled, children and wheelchairs - it takes quite a lot for these people to brave a cold, northern February day for 2 hours, but these cuts are specific. They are damaging their lives and they know that. The council is already closing learning disabled children's respite facilities and withdrawing funding from day projects - the budget includes 20% cuts to personal budgets and domiciliary care, funding cuts to charities that provide the care on the ground, taking care away from those with 'moderate' disabilities and 'remodeling' (i.e. cutting) learning disability supported living.

Currently I'm helping organize our own demonstration when the council passes it's cuts budget this coming week. Apologies for delays blogging but this is too important and takes up a lot of time.

We may not win, but these cuts can't go unchallenged.

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