Thursday, June 9, 2011

Minor idiocy

It's no big thing really - but it still makes me cross.

We have a number of pieces of medical equipment that my son uses. Some of these are on long term loan from the local NHS 'Loan Store' (I think called Resources Centre in it's current incarnation - but as the PCT 'dissolved itself' here last week, it may be something else by now.) Regular readers will be aware that these pieces of critical medical equipment break down from time to time. So we ask for a repair/replacement. After many handset wearing down, telephone calls, someone agrees to replace the broken thing. Some weeks later someone turns up (unannounced - so good job we're in) with the replacement.

We try to give them the broken equipment it replaces. 'Sorry mate, I'm just doing deliveries. You'll have to arrange for a collection visit'. It's the same man, in the same van who does deliveries and collections - but each has to be ordered separately and done on a separate visit. We say we think it's daft - he agrees, it is daft. No one seems to know why it's like this, and only we seem to care.

It's a waste of everyone's time, money, petrol and patience. Rant 'on hold'.

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