Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank god for the Archbishop

I'm not a religious person, but I have to say thank you to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He hit one nail very firmly on the head. Whatever the cuts - and they are real for us - one of the most damaging things this government has done is to sow fear, distrust and uncertainty in the minds of the vulnerable.

They are cutting Adult Services and we'll have to deal with that - but they've also forced the sacking of many of the 'officials' we dealt with. Some were helpful, other 'gatekeepered' access to critical services. Now we have no one to go to and are not only losing services, but have no one to go to when we need to sort out the services left that we are still entitled to. So we're left in limbo without a service.

They are 'reorganizing' the NHS, and we've already lost many of the specialist nurses/professionals who were important to my sons care. But what makes it worse is that the NHS is now in complete disarray with it's staff unsure who they work for, what they are supposed to be doing and whether they have a job at all. Result is our sons care needs get ignored/lost in the chaos.

We're going to lose my son's Mobility Allowance and still have to work out how we'll finance his wheelchair adapted van. It won't happen until next year (or maybe later). He's also going to have his benefits (minimal though they are, because he's classed as in a nursing home) re-assessed - and no one's talking about putting them up. But we're left anticipating the effect this will have on his quality of life.

It isn't just the cuts - it's the mess that leaves us unsupported. It's hard enough being a carer. It's even harder being disabled. But why do they have to make life so uncertain and put us in such fear that we're going to lose even more.

We used to have a care package that worked. There are already holes in it, but the fear of the holes to come (some known, some threatened) is dispiriting and frightening.

Thank you Dr. Rowan Williams - I'm sure your boss will be pleased with your actions - didn't he say 'Whatever you do the least of my children, you do to me.' - afraid I don't have the Biblical reference, one of the gospels. (Maybe someone could send it to Mr. Cameron/Clegg.)

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