Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things to do

Things to do today.
  • Ring up local PCT (oddly it seems to be still there and sort of doing things even though it formally 'dissolved itself' a few weeks ago) to see if they've acted on carrying out sons health care package review stalled since last autumn. Answer likely to be no action, so I've my own action lined up in response.
  • Attend meeting of carers and people with disabilities concerned about local service cuts. Very difficult to fight these cuts as they are doing them mostly, not by closing things, but by picking off and individually reducing peoples care packages. Finding out exactly what's been cut is hard, especially for people with learning disabilities as they often don't realize it's happened until too late.
  • Find out how we can contribute as a group to an extension to a multi sensory resource centre locally. This sort of thing used to be publicly funded but these days, if it's going to happen at all we have to fund raise and do it ourselves.
  • Collect replacement feed pump due for delivery today - last one 'failed' over weekend and we had to rush ours over as temporary stop gap. Need to decide whether to make an issue of the poor quality of this equipment and the lack of service being provided by the company responsible. Not sure whether I can cope with another battle right now.
  • Hire a van to do house move (not mine) and start packing up things ready for move.
  • Do housework and ferry wife to shops as she's unable to drive etc. following operation. Crutches get in way of steering wheel.
  • Go to pub quiz this evening. This is the one night out we allow ourselves most weeks and helps maintain our sanity. These two pints of beer constitute my weekly units of alcohol - I think I'm under the safe limits.
Quiet day as our son doesn't come home until tomorrow.

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