Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Damage done

We did seem to have won our battle with CQC, but it may be a bit of a phyrric victory. We've got them to agree that sending the nurses 'off base' is no longer illegal - though they don't seem to have confirmed this in writing to the provider yet. However, the world didn't stand still while they had deemed it illegal. Nursing shifts had been re-allocated, strategic re-assessments of priorities made etc. etc. by the service provider. The net result is that we still can't get nurses at home - now for more operational reasons. The damage caused by CQCs unthinking directive has already been done. It's also significantly damaged our partnership with the service provider. In trying to get back to where we were, it's now problematic and for the first time, we've had real arguments with them. What had been a co-operative 'give and take' is fast becoming more confrontational as they feel everything has to be in writing and 'done by the book' now. 'Nursing by numbers' is the order of the day and human care is the casualty.

Immediately, we'll probably have to cover some 'waking nights' if we want him at home - this will make some periods at home into 48 hour shifts with no nurses. Any minor change to his care has now to be protocoled and paperworked - it takes the nurses eye off our son's real needs and slows down how they can react to his unpredictable condition. This is real - CQC's intervention was remote and paper.

We will probably never get back to where we were - best we can work for now is a new, more settled relationship with the care provider and it's going to take time and work to get there. Damage has been done but CQC walk away uninvolved and unconcerned. CQC should be there to ensure best care is provided, not damage good care that works.

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