Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So it begins

Yesterday we had a meeting with one of our service providers. My wife cried, I got very angry.

They've decided to not provide nurses when our son is at home any more - apparently nurses are needed when he's in their care but care assistants are good enough when he's with us. (and it's cheaper)
Tomorrow we meet with Social Services and the Health Authority - the council, who run Social Services here are rate capped and the local NHS Trust is looking for 30% cuts. Our sons care package has been selected for 'review' because it's expensive - and we've been told to expect this to happen every year from now on.

Right now it feels like we're getting a good kicking and being told to apologise for objecting.


  1. Hope todays meeting had a better outcome Ned.

    Take care


  2. Went not as stressful as expected. turned out to be information collection. Just hope I'm not deluding myself. It could be some time before we find out what they are going to do with it. If it is cuts, we'll face it then.

  3. Hi Ned,

    I wonder if this blog might interest you, it can be found at It deals with how society deals unfairly with those with a disability.

    I have signed up as a follower. Please be aware that I actually follow your blog. I was a bit blog naive at the time and appear as Mary Dairy. I attempted to sign out - so I could sign in again! - but it appears that this is not possible.

    Anna :o]

  4. Thanks for the link - it looks really interesting. Haven't decided what to do about it yet but will take it up.

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