Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sleepless into battle

Apologies for absence lately - life takes over sometimes. Currently enmeshed in series of care package issues that are taking all our energy, time and sleepless nights.

Background worry that governments Spending Review will reduce sons minimal income by £50 a week due when they take Mobility Allowance off him as he's in registered care.
Fallout from CQC's directive (now countermanded) that his nurses couldn't work off base continues - meeting today could resolve it or make it a major problem.
NHS and Social Services have decided - for no reason they can give me, to completely review son's care package. As we had a major review just over a year ago, and managed to avoid another where they tried to send in cost cutting consultants being paid 'by results' earlier this year, we're obviously worried about cost saving cuts. Given council is rate capped and cutting everything else and NHS locally is hacking services at 30% rate, I think our worries are justified. Meeting day after tomorrow terrifies us.
Car accident damage mended but other driver hasn't even reported incident to his insurers, so uncertainty there as well.

Meanwhile weather gets colder - winter is always worst time for his chest - I'm starting to get obsessive about wind and temperature forecasts. He's OK at present but our stress levels are off the scale - every night is a sleepless one. The people responsible for these things have no conception of the effects of their actions on real people. We'll obviously fight these but at present best we seem to be able to do is try to insulate him from worst fallout of these 'administrative' issues.

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