Thursday, November 4, 2010

The sound of one scissor cutting

There's something going on, that we're not being told about. That's we here rather than people at large. Our son's care package is a complex 'shared care' arrangement where ourselves and x2 charities all do some of my son's care in a co-ordinated whole. It's jointly funded by Health and Social Services - or at least no one told me anything had changed. But we've just heard on the grapevine - no official contact - that someone at the Health Authority is instituting a re-assessment of his care (no change of circumstances have prompted this) with a view to bringing it all under 'continuing care' funding.

I don't know the full implications of this but I do know it will have an impact - e.g. Direct Payments and 'Personal Budgets' aren't applicable to NHS funded care - and 'continuing care' is NHS funded. On top of doing his care and sorting out the other issues, we'll now have to start looking up all the implications of 'continuing care' funding. I don't have time for this. And I'm really worried it's being instigated with a view to saving money and cutting services - especially as it seems to be happening behind our backs.

I'm starting to get perennially paranoid - but I think they really are out to get us.

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