Saturday, November 27, 2010

Storm clouds gathering

Met with Health and Social Services - all very polite and interested. Seemed like nice people - stressed that they were there simply to review his care needs not to cut his services. I'm sure it's true - but I'd asked their boss x2 levels up the heirarchy why they were having the review and he made no bones about telling me that our sons was an expensive package of care (he's expensive because his needs are complex) - that's why they're looking at it. It's not what the people who we met say that I'm worried about - it's what their bosses will do with the information afterwards when we're not there.
Anyway, they proceeded to look at my son for a good five minutes, and then sat down and had a two hour meeting ticking boxes on their forms without him - I think that says most of what I'm worried about. Can't do anything more about it until we get a reaction, except worry. (Just incidentally - we asked about not having had a carers assessment. They said they had carried one out but hadn't seen any need to tell us about the outcome - so much for nothing about me without me.)
They now know a lot about my son - but understand nothing. They care a lot - not about him but about how much he's costing.
This feels like the lull before the storm.

Meanwhile in the real world, our service provider has already told us we won't be getting nurses when he's with us any more, - they need to be seen to be making savings. They insist on nurses when he's with them, CQC insists on that as they are regulated. As CQC don't regulate family carers, they don't need to provide them when he's with us - he's the same person - he doesn't suddenly get better or easier to deal with when he comes into our house. (but we don't get paid, so we're a lower form of less valuable life.)
If it looks like a cut, and it feels like a cut - I'd go so far as to say it is a cut.


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  2. Thanks for reading - it's nice to know I'm not just ranting to the void.