Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An end and a middle

Christmas really is over now. Our daughter has gone back home - she managed to get up here for a full fortnight over Christmas, and we really appreciate her taking her precious annual holidays to see us. Our son is still in reasonable health despite the weather, though my wife has a chest infection - she doesn't allow herself to be ill so the antibiotics had better kick in fairly quickly or they'll have her to answer to.

Still quiet on the 'review' front - what's urgent for us obviously isn't for Health/Social Services. Not that I want the cuts we're frightened of and will have to battle against, it's just that the uncertainty is unsettling. I'm sure the people carrying out these reviews have very little conception of the impact of the sheer process, regardless of the outcomes, of these exercises. For them it's just work stops during the Christmas break - for us it's more worry and sleepless nights trying to second guess what they'll try to take away. I try to tell myself there's no point worrying until it happens but that's rational and this is emotional for us. At least if the conclusions came out we'd know what we were fighting.

Whatever the outcome, just insisting on a care review like this has a real, negative effect and I want that to be over.

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